I’ve been trying very hard lately to switch my diet to all Organic and cut on sugar intake. I’m not a big fan of Donuts or ice cream nor indulge into a festivity of a sugar filled pastry. I was born in Tunisia and have always been cooking what they call now “The mediterranean diet” 🙂 for us it was not a diet but the way we eat everyday.

So back to organic food, I shop often at Kroger and I like the fact that they have extended their organic section and are offering more affordable Organic produce. Now, how can you tell that if it is really organic and GMO free? I really don’t know 🙂 I just go by my guts feeling and trust until someday, someone will just write an article to deny that and put all our efforts to zero, Nada, blank. To then, I’ll keep shopping organic :-).

Now do I see or feel a difference? Absolutely Don t know until my next check up…so far I see the difference on my Credit Card bill!.

Ok, I keep diverging from the title, I should provably change it to just “Organic food” ? nah, let’s keep talking. So I started working out 6 years ago after giving birth to my beautiful two daughters! now don t get me wrong! I love being a mom and taking care of my kids, But I don’t like the look of my tummy nor my boobies now. Looks like gravity is having more effect on me after pregnancy and breastfeeding!.

Ok, Ok sorry I’m diverging again but that’s how I’m :-)…so working out and eating healthy food did help me a lot with loosing weight and gave me more energy to be a mom, entrepreneur and a wife!.

Now, It is provably good for me to eat organic at my age (nope, not telling you my age) but it was even more rewarding when I introduced these healthy habits to my kids. At first they fought it, like ditching cereal (Lucky Charms in particular) and replacing it with a good Organic Whole wheat bread with a home made sugar free jam. Now we even ditched the butter and replaced it with organic sugar and palm oil free Almond butter… next step is to do my own Almond butter lol.

So yeah to answer my own question, for me eating healthy in general is a habit more then just a trend. I keep adding more natural herbs to my diet and switching to all 100 % organic. I guess next step is to start growing my own organic produce 🙂 that would be awesome !.

Hope you liked reading this!